To obtain permission from Elsevier or one of Elsevier's imprints (Academic Press, Butterworth-Heinemann, Cell Press, Churchill Livingstone, Excerpta Medica, Hanley & Belfus, The Lancet, Mosby, Pergamon, and WB Saunders):
• Fill out the online form at:
• Email: [email protected] or fax: +44 1865 853333

Many major publishers are now using "Rightslink" through the Copyright Clearance Center ( For publishers using "Rightslink," you will need to establish an online account. You will then be able to apply for permission. Some helpful tips:

  • For "Type of usage" choose option closest to "Use in a journal"
  • If asked if usage is for-profit or non-profit, it is always for-profit unless "STM signatory" is also an option. Please choose "STM signatory" whenever possible, to avoid unnecessary fees.
  • If you are asked for "number of figures" the correct response is the amount of figures you are borrowing, not individual figure numbers.
  • Click button for "Quick Price" to see the fee, if there is one.
  • If asked for a "PO number" use volume and issue number
  • Retain all emails/approvals and forward to the in-house Clinics editor

Most other publishers have online systems to apply for any reuse of text, figures, and tables. Please use their online system to apply. To locate a publisher:

  • For a partial list of permission contacts and information sources, please see page 8.


  • Copies of permission requests/approvals and patient releases should be enclosed with your manuscript with the originals kept for your files. To ensure correct attribution of borrowed figures and tables, include a photocopy of the page on which the borrowed material appears. Please also include a copy of the original legend. This is particularly important because of the possibility that the source you are using may refer to yet another party. If this is the case, you must request permission from the original source of the material.
  • Include a copy of the signed permission form for each borrowed figure or table.
  • Include a copy of the signed permission form for any borrowed text over 300 words.


  • If above not yet available, send a copy of your permission request (with a copy of signed, completed original to follow directly to Clinics Editor).


To get permission to republish, follow the guidelines of the original publisher of your source content. The main websites and permissions sites for many publishers are listed below. Click on the name of the publisher to be taken to the main site, or click on the following link to go to the permissions page. If you are unsure who publishes the book or journal where your content is found, try searching for the title on Google. PubMed, a service of the National Library of Medicine, is a useful source for finding out more about specific journal articles.

AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science), publishers of the journal Science and other titles:
AMA journals:
American Psychiatric Publishing:
American Psychological Association:
Datatrace: [email protected]
New England Journal of Medicine:
Taylor & Francis:
World Health Organization (WHO):

Publishers that use Rightslink:

Blackwell Publishing Ltd. (UK)
British Medical Journal Publishing Group Ltd. (UK)
The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery (JBJS)
The National Academies Press
Nature Publishing Group
Oxford University Press (UK)
SAGE Publications
Springer SBM